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Regional Chapter Websites:

Five of our regional chapters maintain their own websites. For complete details on their rallies and events- Click here.

Myrtle Beach Registration forms are now online !!!

Both the online registration form, as well as the mail-in form are available now.

Click here

Goshen 25th Anniversary Rally Huge Success

We're posting this note in case you want to see some of the photos of this event. Thanks to Les Rodrigues - we have some really great photos now online of the rally- To check them out- go to the Rallies tab, and then down to Rally Photos/Slideshows to see them....

To view Beverly Petty's complete wrap-up of the rally: Click here.

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Useful Technical Tips-

ACA member Rob Lowe maintains a very useful collection of technical tips and information on his website... He also writes a column in our magazine- If you'd like to check this out- Click here!