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Breaking Election News !!!

Attention ACA members - believe it or not- (what are the chances of that) we have an exact tie between the two candidates who are running for the office of Vice President. Thankfully, the ACA bylaws provide for a solution in the event that there is a tie- that solution is a complete second ballot- which is being sent to all members in the next few days. The Ballots have been mailed. There is a 45 day response requirement for you to execute this second ballot. Please carefully read the ballot instructions- There are three envelopes coming to you- as well as a signature and ACA number requirement- in order for your ballot to be considered. Please return your executed ballot as quickly as you can- All ballots must be postmarked by the last day of May in order to be considered. We will notify you of the results as quickly as they can be counted and verified. Thank you for your patience regarding this additional step in the election process. As far as we can tell, this is the first and only time that there has been an actual "tie" in the vote count since the organization was created. See you soon in Goshen, Indiana for our Silver Jubilee celebration. Respectfully, Pat Adams, ACA President

Rally Details- Hosts and Locations

If you haven't visited this page before.... you really need to... This is where phone numbers, host names and all the "scoop" are listed- call it "expanded" information on each rally so you can plan ahead and get in on the fun.... Click here for page.

Useful Technical Tips-

ACA member Rob Lowe maintains a very useful collection of technical tips and information on his website... He also writes a column in our magazine- If you'd like to check this out- Click here!