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2016 National Rally Sneak Preview

There are two great rallies scheduled for 2016 - for a preview to some of the information- Click here.

Goshen 25th Anniversary Rally Huge Success

We're posting this note in case you want to see some of the photos of this event. Thanks to Les Rodrigues - we have some really great photos now online of the rally- To check them out- go to the Rallies tab, and then down to Rally Photos/Slideshows to see them.... To view Beverly Petty's complete wrap-up of the rally: Click here.

Useful Technical Tips-

ACA member Rob Lowe maintains a very useful collection of technical tips and information on his website... He also writes a column in our magazine- If you'd like to check this out- Click here!

Rally Details- Hosts and Locations

If you haven't visited this page before.... you really need to... This is where phone numbers, host names and all the "scoop" are listed- call it "expanded" information on each rally so you can plan ahead and get in on the fun.... Click here for page.