By now most everyone has returned from their winter travels and are starting yard work, or better yet, planning their summer travels. We hope you all had a very good winter. Kathy and I had a wonderful winter in Florida, but we have to admit, it’s good to be home. We were forgetting what our house looked like.

The ACA National Rally, Shawnee Jamboree, is just a few weeks away. As you know, Great Lakes along with Missouri Valley and South Central Chapters are the hosts of this rally. This will be the only ACA National Rally this year. If you have not already registered, please do so today. Let’s have a great showing of support from the GLC.

I am pleased to announce the GLC officers that will be taking over in June at the ACA National Rally in Shawnee. Your new officers are as follows:

President Bev DeAngelis
Vice President Rick DeAngelis
Treasurer Bill DeMille
Secretary Rita Sunderman
Membership Diane DeMille

I want to thank these members for stepping up and dedicating their time to keep GLC moving and growing. I want to also thank those officers that will be leaving, and the two that will be remaining, for their commitment to GLC. You see some familiar names in this list. I think this will be Bev’s third time as President. In my plea for others to step forward I received a few inquiries as to what’s involved, and only one person, Rita Sunderman, who agreed to take the Secretary’s position. Welcome Rita. This is your chapter and the officers need your help and involvement. Please “get involved”.

A few weeks ago we sent out a “save the date” email for the following rallies. They are still being finalized and you will get a separate notification (if you haven’t already) with all the details for each rally. GLC will have a busy year this year and hopefully you will join us at some, if not all of these rallies.

June 16-19 GLC Pre-Rally
Heart of Oklahoma Expo
Shawnee, Oklahoma

June 19-23 ACA National Rally
Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center
Shawnee, Oklahoma

July 5-10 Cincinnati, OH

Aug 17-20 Port Clinton, OH

Sept 20-24 Sunnybrook RV Resort
South Haven, MI

Get well wishes go out to Bill Sunderman as he recovers from back surgery. We hope you are up and around soon, and look forward to seeing you at our future rallies

This is the last article that I will be writing as President of The Great Lakes Chapter. I have been honored to represent our chapter with ACA and REV. Kathy and I have enjoyed your friendship and comradery immensely. We will not be strangers to GLC. We are members and fully intend to continue to be part of the GLC activities.

I am very excited about moving to my new role as ACA National Vice President. This is the American Coach Association and I will be representing ALL members of the Association. I ask for your support, guidance and help!

I wish you good health and safe travels.

Bob Carani