Great Lakes Chapter – jul/aug 17

One of my favorite things is traveling in our beautiful American Coach.  The last few years have, by necessity, been devoted to family.  This year, we’re ready to fly!  We returned to Cincy from our winter home at Riverbend, just outside of Fort Myers, Florida, in March.  That gave us two full months to catch up with doctor and dentist check-ups, lawn clean-up, and generally getting the house and pool ready for summer.  Now it’s time to get those wheels back on the road.

By the time you read this, the Shawnee, Oklahoma ACA National will be but a wonderful memory.  As I write this, however, Rick and I are getting anxious to return to the Oklahoma City area.  It has been a few years for us and we want to return to the beautiful Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Survivor Tree.  Also, the Riverwalk was fairly new when we visited and we can’t wait to see the finished product.  The ACA Nationals are always fun and a great way to see our American Coach friends from across the country.

We’re so proud of our past president, Bob Carani, as he moves onto his new post as ACA National Vice President.  We know he’ll do a great job and we know Kathy will keep him under control J  Great Lakes has allowed me to move back into the driver’s seat as Chapter President and my best buddy, Rick, has agreed to be Vice President and Rally Coordinator.  The DeMille’s have graciously agreed to remain in office with Bill as Treasurer and Diane as Membership Chair.  A newer member, Rita Sunderman, has volunteered to be Secretary (and no money was exchanged to convince her).  Thank you for helping to keep our Chapter alive and well…and so much fun!

Following Shawnee, we’ll just have time to repack before attending the Great Lakes Chapter rally at the FMCA Campground in Cincinnati.  Pat and Debby Branigan are hosting this one, so we know we’re in for an exceptionally good time…and lots of food!  It’s always fun to show people around our hometown.  We sometimes take for granted all the things there are to do in our neck of the woods, so we occasionally stumble onto a new attraction we haven’t visited before in our own town.  While I’m still remembering that little incident in Tombstone back in ’06 when Debby tried to get me hanged – no really, they even had a noose – I’m willing to put my revenge on the back burner for now.

In August, we’ll escape the heat and head to Port Clinton in northern Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie.  Our hosts for this rally will be Charles and Diana Schmidt ably assisted by former GLC’ers,  Dave and Kathy Ehrhardt.  We’ve been to Tall Timbers before with these two couples, so we know we can expect more to do than time allows and more fun than can be had in one rally.  We plan to take the ferry to Put-in-Bay one day and Dave has arranged for a tour of a plastics recycling plant another day.  For those who like to fish, Charles has reserved a fishing charter and can even provide the fishing equipment.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it in the next ACA magazine.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, we wish all of you many miles of good health, good friendships, peace and love.

Bev DeAngelis