Well, we’re far enough into the New Year for me to know that my New Year’s resolutions — once again — are not going to be kept.  I was going to work on patience, but I get SO aggravated when things don’t go as they should.  I was going to work on keeping up with all our paperwork so my coach desk would never be messy, but we have SO many projects going…at least I know what each folder and each pile contains.  You get the picture.  Next year, I resolve NOT to make New Year’s resolutions.

We were not able to attend the Eastern Regional Rally this year, but all reports are that it was, as usual, a fun rally for everyone.  We were able to make it up to Tampa the following week.  We stayed at Lazydays and were thankful for 50 amps.  It was one of the coldest weeks so far this season.  As most of you know, there’s an RV Supershow at the Tampa Fairgrounds every January.  It’s either the largest or second largest RV show in the country.  When you buy your ticket, you get a free ticket which can be used to attend another day, too.  The older I get, the more I’m convinced two days is probably a good idea because it’s getting harder to see everything we want to see in one day.  We’re also becoming painfully aware of the lack of seating throughout the show.

The Tampa TV Supershow provides miles of everything RV related.  We enjoyed seeing the variety of 2018 American Coaches.  So beautiful and certainly have some great new features.  If you get a chance to see one in person, don’t miss it.  If you’re in Decatur, be sure to take time for a plant tour.  Tom Liechty will be your tour guide and can answer all your questions and more.  For those of you who are planning to attend the ACA National Rally in Spearfish, SD in August, you’ll have an opportunity to see a few new beauties there as well.

You might even decide to drive one home!   We were able to look at a number of different brands while we were wandering around the Tampa RV show, and they were beautiful too, but they only served to reinforce our American Coach choice.  That’s always a great feeling!

While we were visiting the REV American Coach display, we ran into two of our favorite REV folks – Jayne Fairley, who was based at Tampa Lazydays for many years and helped us purchase our current 2011 Eagle, and Janeen Gerke, who for many years has been the SOC guru in Decatur and who attends most of the ACA Nationals to help close the coach purchases and answer questions.  These two ladies are the best.

As you can see, 2018 promises to be another wonderful year, with lots of opportunities to enjoy our beautiful American Coaches.  In the meantime, on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, we wish all of you many miles of good health, good friendships, peace and love.

Bev DeAngelis