For those of you who missed the ACA National in Shawnee…well, you missed a fun rally.  The super friendly Southeast Chapter invited us to join them for a pre-rally and, as usual, they epitomized that Southern hospitality.  Thank you Southeast.  We saw some beautiful 2018 coaches and Randy Hendricks and his ace technicians were there to keep our coaches in tip top condition.  You can find Bob Carani’s entire rally summary elsewhere in this issue.  We welcomed three new couples to GLC – Jack & Phyllis Burr, Dave & Ann Laudick, and Mike & Linda Wilson.  All super additions to our GLC family.  While in Shawnee, we also enjoyed the premier performance of a new singing group – Diane DeMille and her Twisted Sisters, Laura Cooper, Pat Seguin, Phyllis Burr and Ann Laudick.  Hopefully, we’ll get an instant replay next year.

We did receive some bad news/good news in July.  Dave & Kathy Ehrhardt (Dave was formerly GLC president before they became SOB’s (some other brand)) were involved in a terrible accident on I-80 near Ogallala, Nebraska.  After being forced off the road by a semi, their coach rolled over and both coach and car were totaled.   After a brief hospital stay and recuperation at their son’s home in Denver, Dave & Kathy are now back home in The Villages, Florida.  Dave’s already thinking about his next coach, but Kathy isn’t ready to commit yet.  We’re just happy both are alive and well.

In July, Pat & Debby Branigan hosted a fun chapter rally at the FMCA Campground in Cincinnati.  I’d like to have a buck for every pound gained at this one!  We enjoyed Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili, baby back ribs at Montgomery Inn (we’re lucky there were any left after Jerry Goergen polished off two huge orders of ribs), delicious Graeter’s ice cream, and comfort food served family style at an 1860’s schoolhouse turned restaurant.  We spent most of a day at Findlay Market in downtown Cincy.  It’s one of the oldest farmer’s markets in this part of the USA.  So many foods and so delicious; heck, I even found Amaretto Fudge – a very rare delicacy normally found only in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Thanks, Branigans, for your hospitality – it was so worth all this extra exercising.

In a few weeks, GLC will be heading to Port Clinton in northern Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie for a chapter rally hosted by Charles and Diana Schmidt.   We’re looking forward to some cooler weather and some beautiful scenery.  We plan to take the ferry to Put-in-Bay one day to check out a winery and the largest horseshoe bar you’ve ever seen.  As usual, there will be more to do than time allows, but whatever we do, it’s bound to be fun.  I’ll have a full report in the next issue.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, we wish all of you many miles of good health, good friendships, peace and love.

Bev DeAngelis