Well summer is half over and the coach hasn’t been out of the garage since we came back from Arizona in April.  The good news is we’ll be off to Canada for most of August to visit friends and do some sightseeing.  Our first stop will be Dearborn so we can check out the Ford museum and factory before heading across the border.  Our final stop before heading home will be Niagara Falls.

The last time we were at the falls we had a 26’ GMC motorhome, I’m sure lots has changed since then.  Once we get home we’ll have just enough time to get ready for MacPack’s fall rally in Charleston.  Then it will be time to perform the annual maintenance tasks on the coach before heading to Arizona for the winter.

MacPack’s fall rally in Charleston is coming together nicely and promises to be another great event.   The agenda includes a cookout, a boat tour of Charleston’s harbor, dinner at a local seafood restaurant and of course plenty of social times with old and new friends.  Hope to see everyone there.


Larry Thomas