I am writing this as our special “do nothing” time in Florida is coming to an end.  I just saw eighteen pelicans fly by.  I will miss seeing them and the two Sandhill Cranes (Isabel and Ollie) that come almost daily to get bread.  The wildlife we see is spectacular including the alligator in the small lake behind our lot.  I do not feed it.

We will return to our beautiful Smoky  Mountains By April 1st after Ronnie checks on his farm and family in Bell City, Missouri. The terrible fire happened November 28th, two days after we arrived at Okeechobee.  I am sure it will be a shock.  We are so thankful our home and other properties were spared while structures right next door burned to the ground.

Chairman Bob Carani  (Great Lakes), Allen & Vickie Meeks (South Central) and I have been working on the ACA National rally “SHAWNEE JAMBOREE’ to be held from June 19th to the 24th, 2017 at Shawnee, OK.  Please mark your calendar and register now so we will know how many are attending.  This is another good one, please do not miss it.

We cannot wait to see our “Bonus Friends” again.

Until then,

Barbara Weeks, President

Missouri Valley ACA