In November 2016, it was a major wild fire that disabled my beautiful Smoky Mountains and home town of Gatlinburg. May this year it was a 95 MPH .wind storm that put us out of electricity for two days.  A sister who lives close by was out of town so we went to her house since her power remained on.  We wanted to bathe, watch TV, cook supper and have our morning coffee the next day.  Well I could not figure out her new fangled coffee pot and Ronnie could not get the TV to work, SO, we did not stay.

We needed our American Coach parked in our front yard instead of Ronnie’s Missouri farm for times such as this.  It has everything!

As I write this, the “SHAWNEE JAMBOREE” is just around the corner and will be over by the time this magazine comes out.  It is destined to be a good one.  It has been a pleasure for Missouri Valley to have a part in the planning along with Chairman Bob Carani, Great Lakes ACA, Allen and Vickie Meek, South Central Chapter.  We had two new first timer members attend, Harold and Marcia Stone from Jackson MO and Gary and Brenda Nash from Bolivar, MO along with a total of seven coaches from our group.

ON A SAD note, this spring, we lost a loyal member Bill Land, husband of Betty.

He was loved.  He will be missed.
Love to all and safe travels,
Till we meet again.

Barbara Weeks, President
Missouri Valley