Winter is in full swing here in Florida.  January has been unusually chilly and dry!  As I write, our NE members have checked in to their winter homes. Brenda and James Anderson, Jennifer and Jerry Goergen, Debby and Pat Branigan, Diana and Terry Wilburn, and Nancy and Bill Kukurkin are all here in River Bend with us, in addition to other ACA members!

The Geneau’s, Keller’s, Rose’s, Booth’s, Wicklund’s, Baskins, Moorefields, Wendy Gaynor, are also all settled in FL for now!  Bertie and Keith Hermann are in Texas, Maddox’s are on their way there as well.   Makes you wonder who with an American coach is left in the NE!

I’m sure we have more members that have winter destinations, so apologies if I didn’t mention you!

A few years back we started having a picnic here in River Bend for our American Coach family.  We spread word by mouth to anyone in the area, all are welcome. It has grown each year and this year looks like it’s also going to be well attended.  Burgers and hotdogs are supplied, just bring a side.  Traditional NE gathering!

Keith Herman is working on a rolling rally to our National in Spearfish. We invite anyone to join us.  If you are interested I can connect you with Keith for more information.  We will spend approximately a week traveling out, arriving a few days early to the National.

Talking of Spearfish, as of this writing, our NE Chapter has 10 registrations.  For our small chapter, I’m so proud of our members and their participation, their willingness to travel so far!  We continue to grow and spread the fun!!

Unfortunately, it looks like our Keys rally for November 2018 may not happen.  Circumstances in the Keys, more specifically at Sunshine Key RV Park, are making it most difficult to make this rally happen. Our hope is after some time, things will rebuild, calm down, and be ready for our rally.  We won’t give up, and keep updating!

Jack and I just returned from the SE rally where it was great to re-connect with lots of our SE friends.  I would like to share a few issues that happened to us while traveling:  remember this is coming from a girl!  Our entire digital system froze one night.  We have a 2017 Eagle/Heritage with what I call a sophisticated, digital operating system. Everything is controlled/monitored at a digital center mid coach. Our solution, and it worked:  shut it down!  Unplugged everything, turn off inverter, batteries, sit in the dark for 5 minutes to re-set.

On our way home, after doing our “let’s go” inspection, one jack was not all the way up.  After much discussion of what should we do, we hit the road.  The jack was above the frame, and we knew we would be on smooth highway traveling home.  I got on the phone and got Debbie, customer support at REV.  We pulled off the Interstate, Deb walked us through a re-set of the leveling system which involved holding the power button until it “sings” to you, then hitting travel.

Went out to inspect, and viola, jack was up! I then asked Deb if we did the correct thing the night before, and her response was, “I would have told you to do exactly the same thing, these coaches are like huge computers, unplug and re-set.” So, the moral of my story:  after 4 American Coaches, and RV’ing since 1991, you are always learning, and we should all share our experiences and solutions!  Sometimes it’s that easy!

Safe travels, keep your eyes open, you never know who you will run into!

Claudia Rutherford