Is this really our NE newsletter for September/October?  Where is the summer going?  Ours started off with a two week stay in Colorado.  We stayed at a gorgeous state park in Firestone, near Boulder, and Longmont called St. Vrain.  Sites are huge and well spaced, most along one of their many ponds, perfect for fishing, kayaking, bird watching, or just taking it all in;  also a perfect spot for entertaining our grandkids for 2 weeks, age 3 and 6.

We were kept busy helping out with day camp commutes and playing, but so worth it!  From there we headed to the National in Shawnee, OK.  Again, so worth the trip!  The rally was fantastic, the area very different than what we are used to on the east coast, and of course great friends to be with!  We did leave early to get to our son’s in Indiana, but happy we could be there to represent the NE Chapter.

We missed out on the final night, and the Scholarship Fund basket raffle, all the baskets were over flowing with goodies and beautifully done!  On to Boonville, Indiana, where we stayed at a county park named Scales Lake, a little diamond in the rough.

5 minutes from the park, in the rain, we hit a detour around a county road bridge…didn’t have to unhitch, but cruising down a dirt road, single width, with a pond 5 feet from the door was a bit of a white knuckling experience. When we got to the park Jack had to wash off the dirt, yes….we were caught, but allowed to finish.  Not a great welcome!

Our members are keeping busy, Brenda Anderson is still working on “doll clothes” for the new little ones in their family while James hides in the garage working on his ’61 Pontiac, in between picking black and blue berries for Brenda’s breakfast!

Jennifer and Jerry Goergen spend their weekends at Sunnybrook in MI, right now Jennifer is exploring Italy, Montenegro, and Croatia with their daughter.  3 ½ weeks of fabulous, in Jen’s words, and her pics show it!

Moorefields are getting ready to hit the road since Terry’s Mom is finished her treatments and doing better.  They will be heading to TN for an eclipse party, then host the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse in Rogers City, MI.  The following is from one of our members we have yet to meet, but I loved her enthusiastic blurb:

  • We completed the one-year of ownership mark at the end of June in our ’16 Revolution, and happily were able to cross off the bucket list- actually buying our dream rig AND attending the Daytona 500. We had a fantastic fence-line spot and a film crew used our location to tape some footage for an upcoming documentary. (so our Revolution is now famous, and she’s offering free tire-print autographs for anyone interested, LOL!).
  • Also, just installed some aftermarket LED lights under all the slides, so she’ll be light up in any color under the rainbow – you won’t miss us wherever we go! Or better yet – we’ll be able to easily find her if we’ve been out too long having fun. We’ll squeeze every ounce of good camping weather we can out of the Fall, and soon will be dreaming of warmer camping weather again to get us through the winter months.
  • We are both very envious (a.k.a. insanely jealous) of all the retirees reading this and dream of the day we can join the official Snowbird ranks!  Lorraine Nuovo-Grab

Next for NE is our Bath, NY rally in the Finger Lake region in September, which I will have pics and follow up in our next article, and our Regional Rally in the Keys, at Big Pine Key, Florida– November 9-13 are the dates for the fun!  Plus you can stay 3 days prior/after at the same rally rate!

You won’t want to miss this one….the Keys in November is such a great time, beat the crowds!!  Registration can be found on line or in the magazine.

Safe travels- and keep your eyes open…you never know who you may run into along the way!!

Claudia Rutherford, NE Chapter President