With the wonderful Holidays past and the New Year all rolled out, it is the season to begin travel out west. I am in Arizona and in the Southern California desert for a few weeks visiting and having fun with other NorCal/NorWest members. Side by side vehicles and jeeps are the toys of choice out here for this season. Whether you crawl slowly across the rocks or speed through the sand, off-roading is exciting and draws camaraderie from all who participate.

NorCal/NorWest has planned a busy and entertaining Western Regional Rally “Yosemite, Family Summer Vacation”. We invite all members to come out west and join in the fun. If you have never traveled through the western national parks you are really missing an inspiring and breathtaking experience. Did you know the temperature at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim in June is in the 70’s? If you come out all the way to our Yosemite Rally I promise you memories of awe inspiring views never to be forgotten. If you bring a grandchild the education and bond will last for generations.

With a recurring illness to one of our beloved members, I am reminded that life is short, bonds are precious and we all have something for each other. We just have to be available to receive the blessings. We love you Skip.

We hope to see you in Yosemite,