What do you do when your mind says go and your body says hold on their buddy, we aren’t going anywhere.

Well that very thing happened to me. No trip to Shawnee, New Mexico, Texas or for that matter, anywhere outside of sunny California. Health derailed our travel plans this year and forced us to be close to home.

Thanks to my trustee co-pilot she suggested that I take my meds like a good boy and go to the beach and sit in the sun and just relax. So, being the perfect husband I listened to my wife and did just that. So, what if a one-day drive took me two days, we finally made it and I am pleased to say the sun and fresh sea breezes did me good.

We were still able to spend time with our Granddaughter and my mother for some quality family time at the beach. I spent most of my time on small walks and plenty of time reading while the wife and granddaughter went shopping and played on the beach.

If you are ever in the area I highly recommend my favorite beach spot, that being “Port San Luis”. It’s a first come first serve campground but if you pick the right time you can find a spot.

A big shout out to all our new members, as we continue to grow. Since October of 2016 we have added nine families to our chapter.

Don’t forget about the upcoming first annual “Clam Bake” being held October 15-19 at Winchester Bay RV Park in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

As always check out our website at:  for all the latest information.

Hopefully fuel prices will continue to remain low, your favorite destination available, you have clear skies and smooth sailing and the bugs come off the front of your coach with ease.

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