Howdy all you happy travelers,
Well by the time you read this newsletter the Shawnee National Rally will be done and summer in full swing.
After the Shawnee rally, we made a mad dash back home to be on baby watch.
We are picking up our granddaughter for the summer and awaiting the arrival of her little sister. As you read this we will be sitting at the beach with her and trying to keep her entertained.

Our daughter gave us strict instructions to stay close to their home so we can be at the hospital in a moment’s notice. So no wandering the country this summer.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members from Oregon, Washington and Canada.  It was a pleasure to meet many of you at our regional rally in Yuma Arizona and look forward to having you join in on all the fun we have on our rallies.

Speaking of rallies, I am pleased to announce the upcoming first annual “Clam Bake” being held in Oregon was a sellout and then some. We kept contacting the park for more spots and finally we filled up the RV campground.

As always check out our website at for all the latest information.

Hopefully fuel prices will continue to remain low, your favorite destination available, you have clear skies and smooth sailing.

Skip Dieter