Well I have good news and bad news to report.

The good news is we were able to leave home and get out of the mountains without having to put chains on the coach (not that I would have). Weather was snow and ice on the passes not to mention road closures causing us to detour from our normal route.

We made it from the snowy sierras down to Newport Beach to see an old friend who flew in from Guantanamo Bay for training. It was great to reminisce about old times and discussing future travels in our coaches.

From there it was off to the start of three rallies in three weeks.

We started with the ACC Western Pre-Rally in Quartzite, Arizona, hosted by Willie Morris, where we met new friends and touched bases with existing ones. The turnout was perfect, food fantastic and the entertainment had us questioning what we were in store for. If you have ever been to Quartzite you have heard about “Sweetie Pie” aka “The Naked Bookstore Owner”. If you haven’t been there or seen and talked to him, be sure to put it on your bucket list. Not only is he an entertaining Ragtime piano player, every song that he plays and sings has a lead in with a story behind the song. And since you are all dying to know, he wore a nice three-piece corduroy suit for the night, which he bought at a yard sale. Which Sweetie Pie said they were asking five bucks for, but when the realized who was buying it, they discounted it down to two bucks saying it’s apparent he wouldn’t be wearing it very much.

After that it was on to the FMCA “Rawhide West” Rally in Chandler, Arizona. Wow what a turnout. There were more than 2200 coaches in attendance (Excluding show coaches and vendors). As with all rallies the initial parking and setup was challenging, but once everyone was settled in we all had a great time. The seminars were informative, vendor displays always have a new widget or gadget that we can’t live without, and the entertainment as always was great. Did I mention show coaches and great pricing? Wow oh Wow, what a selection to drool over and for some a perfect time to upgrade.

Then it was on the 3 Chapter Regional Rally “Sunrise in the Desert” (Southwest, SoCal and NorCal/NorWest) held in Yuma, Arizona.  This year Southwest was the rally host and did an outstanding job. Many attending said it was as good as some nationals they have been to. Great friends, good food, seminars, vendors and show coaches. The first night we had tacos with all the fix-ins provided and prepared by RV World of Yuma, Arizona. A big shout out to Mike, Oliver, and their families for the gracious hospitality. Not only was the food fantastic, a mariachi band serenaded us during the meal. The final night was another great dinner followed by, raffles, drawings, a live band, and dancing. The final tally is –  more monies raised for the scholarship fund, and 4 coaches sold and a few more in the works.

So, it’s on to planning the rolling rally to our ACA National in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Stops to include the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Amarillo, Texas, Waco, Texas (Home of Chip and Joanna Gaines featured in TV’s “Fixer Upper” to visit Magnolia Farms and the Silo’s) Fort Worth, Texas, stockyards, and Gas Monkey Garage just to name a few stops.

Now for the bad news. It is still snowing at home, and not wanting to winterize the coach again, we are stranded here in Avila Beach, California, sitting 25 feet from the water’s edge. Oh, what a rough life we RV’ers must endure.

Safe and Happy Travels,