Fall is upon us and here in the Sierras the weather is changing, all the trees are changing colors and starting to drop their leaves.
By the time you read this our first annual “Clam Bake” rally will be over and everyone back home and getting ready for the holiday season. NorCal/NorWest will have a new president, Glenn Caldwell and vice president Dwayla Carr. Congratulations and thank you for taking on the responsibilities of our NorCal/NorWest family.

While sitting here wondering what to write for my last newsletter before the changing of NorCal/NorWest presidents I reminisce back to how our family’s RV lifestyle has evolved.
I’m sure like everyone we all started out in tents and sleeping on the ground. Sitting around a campfire in the morning to the smell of coffee perking away and bacon frying. Oh, how I miss those times. I’m not sure if they were simpler or just the way we were able to enjoy the outdoors. No money, kids in diapers, and bills to pay. At least, we still had fun and provided great memories for our children.
But as times changed and setting up camp one day only to break it down the next became time consuming, we migrated to the tent trailer. Not bad, but not too far from being a tent on wheels. Yes, we had a mattress to sleep on, a heater, and setting up took less time than all the tents and gear.

Then I changed career paths and started working for Pacific Gas & Electric, the job required a fair amount of travel and time away from home so I figured buying a travel trailer would be a great investment, no more hotels, meals out, etc. After that we moved up to a motorhome and tried that lifestyle for a while, but not having a tow vehicle, we found it limited our destinations and what we did after we got there. It worked out, but as the kids got older and wanted to do different things, along came the toy hauler.

Well after the kids went off to college and the toys and the toy hauler didn’t get much use, we decided to go back to the motorhome life style, but this time with a tow vehicle. Wow, life is good and we can get out and explore what is around us as we travel.
So, there you have it, the Dieter family RV life. By last count at least five tents, one tent trailer, one travel trailer, one toy hauler, and if memory serves me right we are on our fifth motorhome. It’s amazing how with each new motorhome we go larger and newer. Keeping up with all the newest gizmo’s and gadgets, two bathrooms, washer and dryer.
My how ones mind wanders.

It’s been a fun filled two years and I learned quite a bit along the way. How to handle a rally, how to put on a national rally, but most importantly I enjoyed having fun at the rallies and meeting new friends. What’s next on the horizon, I’m not quite, sure but you can bet we will probably see each other at our future rallies.
I sure miss my old tent,