Hi from Texarkana, Texas, but just barely, if I stumble I will fall into Arkansas! And I might add it is getting a little bit toasty here. I will be sitting in for Allen for a few months while he deals with some health issues. Please be patient with me!

By the time this is published the Shawnee Jamboree will be just a memory. Those of you that came I hope it is a good memory and those that didn’t come, all I can say is, ”You Missed It !”

I hope everyone is taking advantage of their American Coach and seeing this beautiful country God has made for us to enjoy and to keep clean. It is so exciting to see new scenery and places, and good to visit the places we seem to never get tired of seeing.  Don’t forget the wonderful people that you meet along the way; who knows you just might run upon another ACA member.

As time goes by I become more aware of how precious time is and how we need to seize the moment, for none of us is promised tomorrow.

The last several months some of our members have been battling serious health issues, however through all this we have seen miracles happen, and pray we will see more. It is heartwarming how this chapter has banded together to pray and encourage one another. Each one of the members are very important to this chapter. We need you to become an active member. An organization is only as effective as the participants.

We have planned a September Rally for September 18-22, in Vidalia, La. Mark it on your calendar and plan to come. We will send more info later.

Please don’t forget to pray for our nation, those in authority, those who are sick, and of course, our veterans. God Bless America.

Kitty Nicholson  VP