Are we having fun yet? Mother Nature needs to give us a break! Our hearts and prayers are now focused on Florida. Old Harvey is still giving Houston major problems, then Florida may top our drain on FEMA, first responders and our wonderful volunteer heroes. The cost of these major disasters is growing, each greater than the previous and that doesn’t count the wild fires in California and Oregon. Speaking of heroes, we have so many in our American Coach Association. In our chapter to name only a few: I would start with Gene and Jackie Anderson helping the Shriners with a turkey shoot and huge fundraiser; Arlion and Susan Gesford had their annual highly successful skeet shoot for local community scholarships; and our interim ACA treasurer, Albert and wife Stephanie Rivera fed a thousand volunteers and people in need (after Harvey), hamburgers and hot dogs in their home town, Corpus Christi.

Our own treasurer, Sharon Peeples recognizes the generosity of our chapter in her latest report on the fund balance for our VA Dogs of Texas. (Go to our website and click her name to see all the treasurer’s reports.) I personally want to thank Tony Ford and his leadership steering us away from Pueblo, Co. to a better national rally in 2018 (soon to be named). The ACA board is working on narrowing down a rally destination that will better meet our needs. Way to go, solving problems before they happen.

During all the turmoil we are still growing as a chapter! I want to welcome new members to our South Central Chapter, Julie and Tommy Lewis from Monroe, Louisiana.

We have, and I’m sure other chapters too, are not only dealing with national disasters but with personal health issues. Robin Fagala is recovering with his new liver, I’m kicking cancer’s butt and Donna Anderson is fighting her back issues. Aren’t the golden years delightful? Oh well, we’ve got each other and prayer. These kinds of setbacks make us appreciate the “good life” even more. Friendship is a beautiful thing.

God bless our first responders, men and women in the military and those that have lost so much to these “natural disasters.” Stay strong, tomorrow holds much deserved blessings and take a nap occasionally.

Allen Meek