Good morning ACA!  We are dealing with a lot of rain and storms in our south central area..tornados in Oklahoma, floods in Texas and Louisiana.  I guess we are in that summer pattern of heat and rain.  This will pass just make sure you’re safe in inclement weather.  We’ve had several members of our chapter on the road doing their summer trips and having a great time, we always pray for their safe travels.

Our travels have been limited to the RV park down the street from the medical center in Houston.  The coach has really come in handy and saved us hours of back and forth highway travel.  It blows me away to see how many people are using their RVs as temporary home while receiving medical treatment.  Robin and Myrna Fagala just put their coach back in the RV garage after a seven month stay in hospitals in Oklahoma getting a liver transplant. He is doing great!  So not only do the coaches carry us to fun and entertaining places they come in mighty handy in time of need.  I know we appreciate the “rallying around” Vicki and I in our battle with cancer.  All is looking good and we are winning the fight!

Speaking of “rallying around” we need to help and support our president Tony Ford; vice president, Bob Carani; secretary, Pat Adams; and treasurer, Brianne Brissette.  They work to improve our organization.  Remember, they are volunteers too.  Tony has said “Please keep the suggestions coming and let your fellow members know that I work for you and am completely open to suggestions”

As we prepare for our fall rally in Vidalia, LA. and look for a place for our Christmas rally thoughts of mild temperatures are welcome.  We also look forward to enjoying time with our newest members. Hopefully our eight newest members will be able to join us.

Remember to volunteer every chance you get and thank those who do.  Also remember our service men and women.  Rally around those less fortunate than we are especially those members with health concerns.

God bless you and God bless America.

Allen Meek, South Central President