I have lots to report from our very active, RV traveling, Southern and Northern Cal group.  First off, a report from our Shawnee experience.  We had a large and fun contingency of caravaners traveling from SoCal to Shawnee:  Becky and I; Pat & Gary Adams; Scott & Sue Rose; Joe & Debbie Darby; Gene & Rosalie Owens; Loretta & Jerry Scott; Erling & Sue Pohls; Tony & Sue Ford; Fred & Stella Sotello, and Leslie & Sal Speziale.  Along the way Tom Jordahl and his daughter Brenda Carel joined us.  We made our way steadily across each state and celebrated each evening with either dinner, refreshments, and always plenty of laughs.  Once we arrived at Shawnee, we were happy to see Linda & Del Eaton, our SoCal members from Missouri!  It was so great to reconnect.  Also joining us in Shawnee:  Glenn & Jeannine Caldwell; John & Dwayla Carr; Glen & Debbie Tilley; Roy & Phyllis Nichols; and Myrna & Paul Lazzatera

Ben & Beverly Petty and Jerry & Norma Dunn left California earlier, making their way to the Dunn’s son and daughter-in-law’s small farm near Lancaster, Ohio.  While parked under their massive barn, they enjoyed counting lambs (they raise them), petting their donkey, relocating pheasant and quail from their enclosures to larger enclosures, and catching fish in their small lake (or large pond, depending upon how you look at it).  It’s really like Disneyland for grownups and everyone had a great time! From there Ben & Beverly took off to Quantico, VA while Jerry & Norma stayed at the farm for 2 weeks.  Eventually the 2 couples met up west of Nashville and made their way to Shawnee together.

The caravaners arrived in Shawnee and had 2 nice days relaxing.  Sadly Pat Adams received some sad news that her mother had taken a turn for the worse and Pat was needed at home immediately.  Pat got on a plane the next oh so early morning, and made it home in time to hold her mom’s hand as she transitioned to her next adventure.  This changed plans for Becky and I, Gary, of course, and Gene and Rosalie Owens…Pat’s best friend.  We made the decision to leave the next day, drive 3 long days, and be home to lend support to Pat during this difficult time and attend the services for her mom, Shirley Williams.  We were able to do that without incident.  But with that I can’t really report on the end of the rally. I will say the days we were there the rally was run very well and we very much enjoyed it.

The report from the rest of SoCal, NorCal, and Southwest members who attended the rest of the rally reported a good time at Shawnee.  The weather was very cooperative, the new coaches were beautiful, including the new first-ever Class B diesel motorhome, the entertainment was fun, and the Ladies’ Luncheon was one of the best.  Entertainer/Comedian/Singer Johnny Counterfeit for the evening of the grand finale left us all wanting more! And, oh!  Those fabulous gas and diesel prices!  A fuel station just out of the gates from the Expo Center sold diesel for $1.95/gallon.  Music to our wallets!

From Shawnee our group split off in different directions.  Tony Ford led a group, the long way, to the FMCA National Rally in Indianapolis, IN to support Charlie Adcock as he passed the gavel to a new FMCA President.  Along the way they visited Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken in Memphis (my favorite Chicken ever) (the Dunn’s & Petty’s stopped there on their way in to Shawnee), the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Louisville Slugger Museum, Makers Mark, and, of course, our beloved Decatur, IN and their new, beautiful service center.

More stories are yet to come from our members, but I’ll save that for next time.  In the meantime, we have several upcoming rallies including a rally near the Ronald Reagan Library and a rally at the beautiful Chula Vista Resort.  Check out the dates in the magazine and if you are in the area, please join us!

Travel Safe and remember enjoy the journey and it’s all about the fun!

Bob and Becky Clapper

SoCal ACA President