I would personally like to thank our Chapter for the opportunity to become the new chapter president. Loretta and I have only been members for about 5 years or so and have developed some great friendships. I hope to continue the good works of Bob Clapper who has done an outstanding job, leading with enthusiasm and energetic efforts. I only hope I can do half as well.

Great job Bob.

As his last official duty The Turkey Award was brought up and President Clapper informed the group that on the way to Shawnee, Oklahoma, one of our chapter members pulled a truly Turkey-worthy stunt by dragging his towed vehicle in park. He had to get 2 new tires and rims. In Shawnee the So Cal Board decided to bestow the Turkey Award to Jerry Scott for his efforts and his acceptance was his first official duty. Thank you Bob!

With the Reagan Roundup Rally recently past, I wanted to thank all our friends that attended. I’m not sure how we got so lucky with the weather again this August but in the mid 80’s it really turned out great. This was our first visit to Tapo Canyon Park (thanks to Becky for finding it from Shawnee) with only 16 sites we had the entire park to ourselves and the Park Hosts allowed us to have the run of the place. Next year we will be headed to Spearfish South Dakota for the ACA National Rally in August so we may get lucky 3 years in a row.

Saturday was an all-day adventure, the trip to the Reagan Library was off the hook! And only about 20 minutes from the park. We arranged for a Docent tour which split us up in smaller groups and were each given a guide for our group that took us through the library. There was a fantastic sit down BBQ lunch- complete with blue table cloths- served directly below Air Force one- and then we visited the Titanic exhibit which should be a must see for everyone. (At the Library thru mid-January)

There were Heavy snacks on Friday, a taco guy on Saturday, hot dogs and burgers for lunch on Sunday and tri tip dinner Sunday night. With breakfast every day. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend. Many thanks to all who attended.

I know several of our group will soon head to the Nor Cal Rally in Winchester Bay Oregon from October 15th thru 19th. The Clam Bake should be a fun time. Then back to SoCal for the Chula Vista Rally the first weekend in November and our last Rally of the year.

Travel Safe and I hope to see you soon,

Jerry Scott
ACA SoCal President