As I write this article Stella and I are getting the motorhome ready to set sail for the national rally in Shawnee. We will meet the SoCal rolling rally at Black Bart’s RV park in Flagstaff, AZ.

Our last week’s trip to New Orleans is history. We encountered lots of rain, some humidity but we enjoyed lots of food and entertainment. After 2 taxi rides into the French Quarter, the first one taking us the long way almost doubling our fare and the second ride back where our cabby upped the charge for 6 passengers when we were 5, we next called a little something called Uber. Our fares were cut in half and our party’s fun increased tenfold. We summoned them with a phone app, they picked us up at the hotel and charged our credit card and would not take tips. WHAT A CONCEPT !

Anyway after Shawnee we are headed to Indianapolis for the FMCA rally with stops first at Charlie and Gloria Adcock’s place, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville and Decatur.  After Indy we will work our way back to New Orleans along with Tony and Sue Ford and Gary and Pat Adams and anyone else who wants to come along. You just can’t have enough of them Cajun and Creole delicacies.

By the way our Southwest chapter Vice President Doug Anderson has totally rebuilt the chapter website. He has done a phenomenal job on the website and you can access it from the ACA website or by going to www.acasw.com.

We look forward to a great rally to be put on by Bob Carani and company and I hope to have lots to write about for the fall issue of the ACA magazine

In closing I want to wish all of our members a safe and Happy Summer- and to our friends who have unfortunately been under the weather, we wish you a speedy recovery- and we hope to see you again real soon.

Happy travels,

Fred and Stella Sotelo