For me, spring is a time of transition.  From the crisp cold of winter (or the warmth of a southern winter retreat) to the emerging flowers of springtime and the anticipation of travels and renewing friendships and meeting new friends while rolling comfortably around in this beautiful country.  It’s almost time to hit the road again.

I thought of a travel shortcut we use which you may find helpful.   Our coach is parked in a separate driveway behind our suburban home.  When we’re packing for a trip (or for our winter stay in Florida), we carry everything out to the coach in reusable carry bags.  We have lots of these bags; in fact, I think they’re secretly multiplying in our pantry…  I store all of the bags in our coach closet or under the bed.  At our last stop before returning home from our trip, we pack everything back into these bags.  In the morning, we transfer all the packed bags into our tow vehicle.  When we get home, we pull the car into the attached garage and pull the coach into its own parking place.  No matter what the weather is, it’s easy to unpack the car and take the bags directly into the house.  All that’s left in the coach are our refrigerated items and our hanging clothes.  Easy peasey!

Our Great Lakes Chapter summer rally schedule isn’t available yet, but we are excited that 18 GLC coaches are signed up for the ACA National Rally in Spearfish, SD in August.  Many of us will kick off the party in Davenport, Iowa for the start of a GLC rolling rally to Spearfish.  So many neat sights to see and there’s no better way to see them than with friends.

Last, but certainly not least…a most auspicious occasion has arrived and we want to be the first to wish ourselves a very Happy 27th Birthday.  On May 18, 1991, the Great Lakes Chapter of the American Coach Association was born.  Our chapter is a very special group of people and we have those founding members to thank for their hard work and tenacity in chartering our chapter and getting us on our feet.  We’ll do our best to continue our heritage of friendship and sharing which they so solidly weaved into our foundation.  We’ll work to continue to provide a fun-filled way of enjoying each other’s company and these beautiful American Coaches we so love.  Happy Birthday GLC’ers.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, we wish all of you many miles of good health, good friendships, peace and love.

Bev DeAngelis, President