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 2015 Tradition 45A $259,900 Jul 25, 2018
 2008 Tradition 42F $139,000 Jun 09, 2018
 2011 Heritage 45BT $275,000 Apr 10, 2018
 2011 Eagle 45B $259,999 Feb 21, 2018
 2012 Heritage 45′ $398,000 Feb 03, 2018
 2000 Eagle 40 $59,950 Jan 08, 2018


Listing information:

Please note – in order to post an item in our “for sale” page, please send a write-up of your motor home, including the asking price, your email and telephone number, your ACA number, and 2 photos- one inside the motor home, one outside the motor home.  You must be a current member of ACA to post your listing on this site.  Send questions to webguy@

Also-  If you are purchasing our American Coach motor home from a private owner-  Be sure to update the motor home ownership information, in case American Coach needs to contact you regarding updates or safety recalls.  Navigate to their update page:   Ownership Change

Very important note:  Listings are only actively shown for approximately 6 months-  If you have not sold your motor home in that time, we will have to remove the listing, unless you contact us and ask for an extension.

Finally…..  If your motor home is sold to an individual- please send the contact information to: so that we may extend an invitation to them to join us……….. Remember, it’s all about the fun!!!