We have GREAT News – Bill Makowski, founding member and past President of Happy Wanderers has volunteered to step forward as president of the HWC.  Bill has already received the blessing of ACA National and several other ACA Chapter officers.  Brian & Candy Diggins are assisting Bill Makowski’s efforts in returning the Happy Wanderers Chapter to the FUN filled and active chapter of the past.

We are calling on ALL the Happy Wanderers members to join us in the rebuilding of the HWC. We ENCOURAGE you to participate in all the FUN filled activities of the future and volunteer whenever you can.

Items that some of the Members may not be aware of;

Regarding 2018 Chapter Dues – Some of you have asked about HWC 2018 dues.  We have decided to suspend dues for 2018.  If your ACA membership is current and your Happy Wanderers dues we up to date at the end of 2017 you will remain an active member of Happy Wanderers.

NEW Communications options

Happy Wanderers does have a Web Page; that can be reached via the ACA web site.  You can reach the HWC web page by clicking on the Chapters icon, once you have accessed myamericancoach.com.  More information will be posted to the web page in the future. We will also send information as to how you as members can send postings.

Happy Wanderers also has a facebook page Happy Wanderers-ACA, click on like or become a member of the page, post your updates.

Happy Wanderers now has an E-Mail addresshappy.wanderers@aol.com for the use of the officers for sending correspondence to our members.

Additional information

ACA National Rally – August 2018

Bill & Betty Makowski, Brian & Candy Diggins will be at the ACA National Rally in Spearfish, SD and are planning a pre-rally, more information on this to follow.  IF you ARE registered for the Rally and wish to attend the 3 day pre-rally, PLEASE let us know.

Happy Wanderers Chapter is also working with other chapters to schedule additional fun events across this great country, so keep checking one of our communication options for updates and we welcome everyone’s suggestions.

We wish to thank all Happy Wanderer members and other chapter members who have encouraged us to take this move. We look forward to seeing all members of the Happy Wanders Chapter as we travel our great and beautiful country.  Hope to see many of you at the ACA National Rally in Spearfish, SD.

Happy Wanderers Chapter- History

The “Happy Wanderers” Chapter of American Coach Association was formed in 1998 to serve those RV Owners who share a common bond of traveling extensively throughout the year, we welcome members from all the US states and Canada.  We share traveling adventures, have great diversity and a broad range of RV experience.

The purpose of the “Happy Wanderers Chapter” is to provide an added measure of camaraderie for those persons who may or may not belong to or do not always have the opportunity to participate with a Local Regional Chapter.

The “Happy Wanderers” include those who travel Full Time or travel between Winter and Summer locations, those who travel extensively and those RV Owners who desire to be part of a group with great diversity that is hospitable, friendly and welcomes everyone from any part of the country.  After all, we are the only chapter with “HAPPY” in our name.  The “Happy Wanderers” do not compete with other chapters for members; however, many of our members belonging to other chapters and enjoy the “Happy Wanderers” for our RV experience and FUN…FOOD & FELLOWSHIP.

With our diversity, we plan our “RENDEZVOUS” around Pre and/or Post National Rallies and we historically attend the ACA Regional & other Chapter Rallies.


Bill Makowski, President