I usually try not to be a show off, but when our coach is the star on The VA Featherlite Home Page, I can’t help myself!  I invite you all to take a look at the link:  I am so proud I have no words!  Not only is Featherlite an American Coach dealer, but we have found their service to be superior.  We can visit them in Suffolk, VA or Sanford, FL.  The VA location is a mere 6 hours from where we live in SE PA, as opposed to 11 hours to Decatur, IN.  This should help a lot of NE and mid-Atlantic owners for their service needs, even warranty work.  Service in our zone is a hot topic so I reached out to members for some input.  I have received two excellent referrals from our members:

“We used Bellmawr Collision in NJ. Had them do extensive warranty work on our roof, and to fix/repaint some damage on our new coach caused by the dealer. Absolutely fantastic service. They have a full paint bay there too; their shop is immaculate! Highly recommend (but hoping no one will ever need a good body shop ) Here’s their website.

and another:  “We’ve had one maintenance service done at Freightliner in Bridgeport, NJ (near the local Camping World). I actually called Freightliner in Gaffney before I booked this place, explained how horrible the choices are near me for any service, and asked what they thought. They actually said they referred many people here and did recommend this particular shop:…/bridgeport-nj/   I use Camerota Truck Service in Bow, NH for all PM service.  They are very thorough.   For Aqua Hot service there is nothing close to home, so I last used “The Camper Guys” in Westbrook, CT. “

Along the lines of things we add to our coaches, we have recently had the PROTENG  fire suppression system installed in our coach.  Proteng has created a patented, FULLY automatic fire suppression system like no other. It is completely self-contained and is heat-activated. This revolutionary system is environmentally friendly and meets the highest world standards. It minimizes fire damage by effectively extinguishing fire at its initial stage by eliminating heat.  There is no button to press, no pin to pull, no human action required. There are no batteries, no nozzles, no connections necessary–it all starts with a small tube…

Our coach is the first RV to have this system installed, if you’d like to take a look we’d love to show it off in Spearfish, plus the owners will also be there as vendors. Their website is:  We feel great piece of mind having this system in our coach!

We are having a NE fall Rally, thanks to Barbara and Carl Bullock.  We will be hanging at the beach in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware at Massey’s Landing RV Resort.  Our rallies are very easy, please just call the park and make your own reservation under NE American Coach rally, Setpember 20-24. More plans as the time gets closer!

James Anderson, our VP, is doing a revitalization project on their pristine ’99 – Making the old ‘Eagle look shiney. The sky lite had turned yellow from years of direct sunlite and neglect. Washed it down with lacquer thinner removing a lot of the yellow then buffing it with 3M headlite renewal paste. It doesnt know its renewing a skylite!!!  Brought the surface to a sparkling shine again…

And the Moorefields are tending to their parents health issues and hoping to see all of us in Spearfish.  NE will be having a “working” pre rally as we decorate the facilities!  We always have a great time no matter what our tasks are!  Looking forward to seeing everyone, safe travels as we all make our way across our beautiful country and enjoy the trip!  As always, this is the perfect time to keep your eyes open in rest areas, RV parks, and service plazas for fellow American Coaches.  Believe it or not, there are many out there that are not familiar with our owners group!  Welcome them, give them our magazine, invite them to a rally near them to see what the fun is all about!


Claudia Rutherford

NE Chapter