The Spearfish National Rally is in the books! Our chapter was represented by 7 coaches, along with 2 Happy Wanderers that also belong to our group. When it came time to put the center pieces together and hanging flags, we were not short on help! Thanks to all who helped with the decorating, and keeping the tables looking great during the rally. We made our way west starting with a stop at REV, then on to friends in Minnesota, where I was able to operate a combine taking in wheat, with a 38 ft. header, and for a few moments our friend and “instructor” hopped out, ran alongside and made a video! The experience of being on the farm, where they plant approx. 14,500 acres puts a whole new light on the word farming. Their main crop is sugar beets, and there isn’t enough space to describe that operation. Next stop was in Medora, ND. You just need a few days there to drive Theodore Roosevelt National Park, take in the pitchfork steak fondue dinner, the Medora Musical set in an outside amphitheater, and shop the small western town. The entire atmosphere is a tribute to our past President Roosevelt, who worked to preserve National Parks in our country. From there it’s an easy ride straight down 85 to Spearfish, where we arrived days early to take in the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. And boy, did we see the sights! Never felt so out of place in a pickup truck!

While at Spearfish we took advantage of Deb Merritt’s new coach walk thru. Even though we are on our 4th AC, and been motor-homing since 1991 we were amazed at what we didn’t know! Definitely worth our time, and Deb’s patience with us! We each had our list, mine for inside, Jack’s for outside. Deb also pointed out things she knew we would need. Shortly after we left Spearfish we headed to CO for a week with family, then on to Evansville, IN to visit our son. When we arrived we found our toad to be covered with oil, hydraulic fluid to be exact. Phone calls to Deb Merritt, and the issue was isolated to a blown jack hydraulic line. Too tight to fit hands in there to fix ourselves, so we turned off the “battery body switch” after slides were out, and managed to finish out our visit. We topped off the fluid, headed back to REV, stopping to check several times, again with body switch off. All good during travel. Not a drop lost. A few days later all good to go again! Thanks Deb and REV!

Most recently we just wrapped up our Fall rally in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Barbara and Carl Bullock were great hosts, sunset cruise on DE bay, great seafood meals, and in the rain shopping at the outlets! We even took in a Robin Williams impersonator show at the historic Milford Theater. Our photographer Nancy Kukurkin captured some great pics! We are currently at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the 1st “roval” race this weekend, then off to Gaffney for our annual service.

Plans are already in the works for next Fall 2019 NE rally at Lake George for the Adirondack’s Balloon Festival! September 20-24, 2019. Will keep everyone posted!!

Safe travels as many head to warmed destinations for the winter,

Claudia, NE Chapter