Almost time for the NE folks to think about heading north soon.  We will be heading to Decatur April 12 for some interior work at Greg Mies, Trees to These, and then warranty repairs at the REV tech center.  Greg will be removing our fireplace and adding shelves and doors to hide printer and other “stuff”.  From there it’s back home to PA.

As I mentioned in our last article, our NE ACA picnic was a huge success here at River Bend in FL!  We had 16 couples either from here at River Bend or that traveled.  AND we had 4 chapter presidents represented, NE, GL, SE, and HW.  Of course, enough food for 16 more couples too!  I can see this growing every year!  Lots of laughing and fun times had by all!  This was not a meeting, nor a rally, just a casual gathering of AC friends!!

Lots of talk about the upcoming National at Spearfish, SD at our picnic.  What route, how long are you taking to get there….if you are interested Keith Herman has put together a rolling rally.  Reservations have been made but I’m sure you could join in along the route.

This is probably the shortest article I have ever submitted, hope that next issue I will have more to talk about!

Safe travels along your route as many of you travel home for the summer, and onto Spearfish in August.  See you there!

Claudia Rutherford