Hello ACA, time for Spring and traveling to see first-hand this beautiful country in which we are so blessed to live.   Life is so short- so enjoy it while you can.

Our chapter is planning a rally on Lake Livingston, TX. in May.  Check out our website for details.  We are looking forward to Spearfish for our 2018 National Rally.  Hope to see you there.  We are laying the groundwork for the 2019 rally and our chapter has accepted the challenge to host.  Ouch!  However, we just returned from Perry, GA. Where we attended the FMCA rally and there were three thousand plus coaches in attendance.  That’s seven thousand people and dogs, not counting the cats.  It was quite a conflab but was smoothly run.  The fairground in Perry is huge with room for a lot of vendors.  Even our own REV group was there.  So our 2019 National Rally should be easy-peezy.  The location and date are not yet determined- but will be soon.

Hope to see you on the road (or in Spearfish) and wish you safe travels and pleasant visits.  Remember our uniformed men and women working in hazardous environments, giving their best to protect us and upholding the law.  God bless American and God bless you.

Allen Meek