To the beautiful and bountiful ACA member, I hope this finds you well and excited about your summer adventures.  The culmination will be meeting you at Spearfish, SD at the beautiful Elkhorn Ridge RV Park.  We of South Central wish you safe travels and joyous exploration of our wonderful nation.  We are excited, yet apprehensive as we plan our next national rally- to be held at the KOA Lake Conroe, Montgomery, TX – May 18 – 23rd, 2019.  Already concerns have been raised about conflicts with this date and graduation ceremonies.

Unfortunately conflicts arise with this kind of scheduling.  Time of the year and associated weather issues are one concern; the parks and availability of spaces and facilities are another.  The park we have scheduled had availability and facilities that met our needs as others didn’t. Our chapter is gearing up, with conference calls and planning rallies to provide the best experience we possibly can to make the 2019 rally a great memory.

The “worker bees” of South Central may need your help filling all the committee positions…please step up and volunteer.  You’re always welcome!!   Thanks to Tony Ford, and helpful documents he provided, we have an informative and helpful look back at the 2013 national rally in Montgomery, TX.  From all reports that rally was very successful, chaired by Mary Jane Hebert and Tony Todd, under the leadership of Robin Fagala, then president of SCC.  Our desire is to enhance their successes and we may need your help to do so.  Please mark your calendars now and reserve the dates so we can fulfill the needs of 150 American Coach participants.  We are committee to provide a great rally for your enjoyment.

South Central had a successful rally in May at the KOA on Lake Livingston, Onalaska, TX.  We had great food and fellowship.  As many of you know our club has donated the cost for a trained service dog for a disabled veteran.  We are once again in the process of donating money for another dog trained by the VA Dogs of Texas.  This effort has brought about a great sense of pride in our organization and a renewed common purpose. I share this to encourage other chapters to consider such a project.  The following information is food-for-thought.

Two of our members, Sharon and Terry Peeples- met James Day, an advisor for a group in Clarksville, Indiana called “Dogs Helping Heroes.”  It’s similar to the group we found in Kerrville, TX, that we proudly support.  Terry found the dog training cost was the same (as VA Dogs of TX.) with great testimony of success. The end result, trained dogs helping our needy service men and women.  The difference with this organization is that the dogs are matched with a prison inmate to do the basic training.  This added another layer of service – to help with inmate rehabilitation.  Truly a “win/win” situation.  Our chapter highly recommends other chapters get involved.  Working together and helping our service personnel creates a sense of purpose and pride; a benefit to your chapter. Mr. Day’s business information is:  James Day, Acting Applicant Advisor, POB 2126 Clarksville, Indiana 47131.  Phone: 812-822-2452 or 812-329-0244.  Email is

Time to get off my high-horse and wish you well.  Please remember our uniformed men and women working in hazardous environments, giving their best to protect us and upholding the law.  God bless America and God bless you.

~Allen Meek

PS:  If you have a burning desire to sign up to participate in the planning of the 2019 National Rally at the KOA Lake Conroe RV Resort, Montgomery, Texas on May 18-23, 2019 please call or email me!                   281/782-1125